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Caselines Innovations Available on G-Cloud 9

Caselines logo 2018Digital bundling & court presentation software now includes video streaming.

CaseLines, the world’s leading solution for evidence management and courtroom presentation announces that its latest innovations are available from today on G-Cloud 9, the Crown Commercial Service procurement framework.

The latest release now includes a world first; one-click video streaming, in court, of pre-recorded evidence. Users can now add video in any format as easily as they could add a page of paper evidence. Once in CaseLines, lawyers can add comments, tab interesting points in the video, and launch the video with a single click in the courtroom. CaseLines can stream video from any source including body worn video, CCTV or pre-recorded evidence from children or other vulnerable witnesses.

CaseLines takes users beyond pdf. The system simplifies management of evidence, allows users to build and share dynamic case files, share notes between lawyers, and eliminates the cost and complexity of secure email or data rooms.

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CaseLines systems deal with hundreds of cases per day, ranging from small public law bundles all the way through to 100,000 page civil trials. There are already over 35 million pages of evidence stored and over 1,000 judges in the UK trained to use CaseLines.

“For years local authorities and solicitors have been looking for a way to save costs by digitising cases going to the Courts,” said David Jackson, Managing Director of Netmaster Solutions Ltd; “Now there is a secure, stable and easy to use platform for lawyers to use. We know that the Digital Court Services are popular with judges and court administrators. Adding video streaming helps our users solve the ‘last mile’ problem – how to get all the video evidence that is now available into court, quickly and efficiently”

About Netmaster Solutions Ltd
Netmaster Solutions Ltd is a global leader in cloud-based solutions for the legal services market, delivering collaborative cloud-based services for courts, lawyers and Government legal bodies. Netmaster’s CaseLines courtroom presentation and e-bundle system is used in the Supreme Court, Civil and Public Law cases and in the Crown Court Digital Case System (“CCDCS”) across England & Wales.

CaseLines now holds in excess of 35 million pages of evidence in the cloud, and is used daily by over 20,000 users, including more than 1,000 members of the judiciary.

For more information about CaseLines visit www.CaseLines.com

Further information is also available from:
Claira Jackson – New Business
T: +44 (0)20 3301 3762
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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