Final extension for submissions to inaugural Lawyers in Local Government awards

Lawyers in Local Government (LLG) has announced a final deadline extension for its first-ever awards.

The organisation said it was delighted at the very positive response it had received so far, adding that it now had “many excellent submissions to consider”.

But it said applications were currently bunched around certain categories leaving some with scope for more.

LLG added that it had therefore considered the judging timetable “very carefully in the light of the talent and enthusiasm that we know exists in authorities across the country”.

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It said: “In the circumstances we’ve come to the view that the timetable would accommodate one further and final extension to Friday 15 August 2014.”

The organisation said it would welcome further applications in all categories, but would particularly appreciate those in:

  • Adult Social Care and Health;
  • Monitoring Officers and Governance;
  • Partnership and Procurement/Commercial;
  • Housing and Regeneration;
  • Employment;
  • Information Management.

For information on the full list of categories, the criteria and how to apply, click here.

“We know there is much creative, innovative and energetic work being carried out by local government lawyers across the land,” LLG said. “It’s therefore now time stop hiding your light under a bushel (or pile of files!) and shine out as a beacon for all to see.”

LLG President Philip Thomson said: “We could certainly now proceed to judging stage with the pleasing number and range of applications already now in.

“However, given the talent and enthusiasm we know exists in all categories across the country, we did feel it right to give hard-working local government lawyers one final chance to showcase their innovative and game-changing work which makes such a difference to local communities everywhere.”

He added: “So come on all you talented practitioners! You work hard and relentlessly every day. Now is the time to show the nature and extent of the positive difference you’re making!

“For it certainly could be you! But not if you don’t enter.”

The awards ceremony will be held at the Rosewood Hotel in London on 29 November 2014, with tickets costing £60.

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