COVID-19 Weekly Brief: Financial management in uncertain times

The current difficulties around the economy and employment resulting from the coronavirus outbreak highlight the importance of getting a grip on your finances, managing your money well and saving for that 'rainy day', says Richard Olive in this instalment of LLG's COVID-19 Weekly Brief.

In this webinar, Richard Ollive, Senior Financial Consultant with Wesleyan will focus on the importance of making good financial decisions in difficult times, looking at how you can maximise what money is available to you and your family whilst not forgetting to invest in your future. The webinar will also look at furloughing, its financial impact on individuals and families, and what government support is available. It is an opportunity to invest in yourself and your future.


About the presenter

Richard Ollive

Richard Ollive has worked in the financial services industry for over 25 years as a financial consultant, area manager and senior manager. He has worked with Wesleyan for nearly 4 years, providing personal and commercial financial advice to the legal sector.

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