Tributes paid to former 4 Brick Court head of chambers and leading public law children’s barrister

Tributes have been paid to a leading public law children’s barrister and ex-Head of Chambers at 4 Brick Court, who passed away this week.

In a statement on its website the set said: “It is with immense sadness we announce that Ian Griffin passed away yesterday. This is, of course, a great loss to 4BC and the family bar and most especially to his family and close friends.

“Ian was an incredible head of chambers and we are fortunate that he was able to lead chambers until recently, he is loved by all and his legacy will continue.”

In public law proceedings, Griffin was regularly instructed by local authorities, parents and by solicitors acting for children in a wide range of complex and demanding cases, 4 Brick Court said.

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The Family Law Bar Association, via its chairman Cyrus Lazarideh QC, tweeted: “Ian Griffin has passed away. He defied the odds and lived to see 3 birthdays with his family. A respected colleague and a fabulous advocate. A dynamic and well loved HoC. His ‘Wellbeing and the Big C’ inspired our President and us - his legacy will live on. We will miss him.”


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