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Council employee who leaked address of sex offender fined

An ex-employee of Hull City Council who disclosed a sex offender's address to a vigilante group has been fined £500.

Chloe Carr, who was employed as a customer services assistant, came across the information in a council employee group chat and forwarded it to an online group.

According to a report from the Hull Daily Mail, around 30 people subsequently turned up at the victim's door.

Prosecutors had initially sought to convict the woman of misconduct in a public office but later chose to pursue the lesser sentence of unlawful disclosing of personal data, to which she pled guilty.

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At Hull Crown Court, His Honour Judge Bury told the defendant that he would have sent her to prison if he had had the power to do so. 

Unlawful disclosing of personal data is only punishable by way of a fine. Carr was fined £500 to be paid at £50 per month.

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