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Prosecutions in the Magistrates Court - An Advocacy Workshop - LLG


Prosecutions in the Magistrates Court - An Advocacy Workshop - LLG
Prosecutions in the Magistrates Court - An Advocacy Workshop - LLG
Mon, 9 December 2019, 10:00 - 17:00
Litigation and Enforcement


This course is suitable for all advocates who wish to have a better understanding of the role of the prosecutor in the Magistrates’ Court; and those who wish to improve their confidence and skill as effective trial advocates.

Councils are responsible for the enforcement of statutory provisions by way of criminal proceedings in many different areas of law e.g. trading standards, fly tipping, and noise nuisance. Although, in the past, Councils have outsourced the prosecutions work to independent solicitors, it is now the case that most Councils expect their in-house lawyers to conduct the prosecutions themselves.

Course Content

  • Basic rules of evidence and procedure in the Magistrates’ Court
  • Preparation for trial
  • Effective use of the opening address
  • The principle of obtaining oral Evidence in Chief
  • The preparation of Cross Examination schedules

Using realistic case studies, each participant will be able to practice in these areas and be assessed and coached by an experienced professional.


This course will cover the following aspects of the SRA’s Statement of solicitor competence:

A Ethics, professionalism and judgment

A1 Act honestly and with integrity, in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements and the SRA Handbook and Code of Conduct

A5 Apply understanding, critical thinking and analysis to solve problems

B Technical legal practice

B5 Undertake effective spoken and written advocacy

B6 Negotiate solutions to clients’ issues

B7 Plan, manage and progress legal cases and transactions

C Working with other people

C1 Communicate clearly and effectively, orally and in writing

C3 Establish and maintain effective and professional relations with other people

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