Latest report from Housing Ombudsman shows surge in complaints

The Housing Ombudsman quarterly report shows an 83% increase in the volume of enquiries and complaints received compared to the same quarter in 2020.

The latest Insight Report, which covers July to September of this year, shows that 6,595 enquiries and complaints were made during the period.

On the type of complaints, the Ombudsman reported that the proportion about property condition had reduced from 45% to 39% of the total, while those about anti-social behaviour had increased from 13% to 15% and complaint handling from 11% to 15%.

Furthermore, the Ombudsman claimed that it made more than a hundred more decisions on cases as compared to the same quarter last year. It reported that it found maladministration in 42% of the cases.

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Decisions were also up slightly from the last quarter (from 576 to 585).

In addition, the report provided data for Greater London, the region where the Ombudsman reportedly receives some of the highest complaint volumes.

Richard Blakeway, Housing Ombudsman, said: "Our Insight reports have an important role in sharing the lessons we've drawn from the casework across our member landlords. As well as use of mediation services, this issue emphasises the importance of landlords having clear complaints policies and ensuring that staff follow the policies in place."

Adam Carey

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