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Mutuals Clarity Guide

A big question for local government is the level of involvement that it should or must have in the establishment of a public sector mutual (PSM). We have produced this guide to assist local authorities, when faced with the possibility of a PSM being set up to provide services currently provided by that local authority. It may also be of help to other public bodies.

Mutuals Clarity Guide CoverThis guide is not meant to be an in-depth analysis of individual projects or key questions. The aim is to allow local authorities to feel confident in understanding the big issues around mutualisation of services and what a suitable and acceptable level of input in the process is both before and after a PSM is established. Clearly, the role of the local authority is key to success of the establishment of a PSM.

The mutuals agenda is one of the biggest stories from central government since the Coalition came into power in 2010. Particularly, the Cabinet Office has been instrumental in driving this forward with support for public sector mutuals (PSMs) in both central and local government. These are also sometimes known as ‘staff mutuals’.

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