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President of Employment Tribunals issues guidance on case management

The President of the Employment Tribunals has this month issued guidance in relation to general case management.

The document issued by Judge Latham covers:

  • Background;
  • Action by parties;
  • Examples of case management situations: disclosure of documents and preparing bundles; witness statements; amendment to the claim and response including adding and removing parties; disability; remedy; costs; timetabling; concluding cases without a hearing; judicial mediation;
  • Action by the Employment Judge;
  • Agenda for a Preliminary Hearing.

The Presidential guidance on case management matters, which can be viewed here, was issued under the provisions of Rule 7 of the first schedule to the Employment Tribunals (Constitution and Rules of Procedure) Regulation 2013 (the ‘Rules’).

It does not supersede or alter any other Presidential guidance. The document also stressed that: “Whilst the Tribunals in England and Wales must have regard to such guidance they will not be bound by it and have the discretions available to them as set out in the Rules as to how they would apply the various Case Management provisions.”

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