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London borough faces judicial review challenge to selective licensing scheme

A scheme for licensing private landlords is facing a threat of judicial review in the London Borough of Enfield.

The Labour-controlled council adopted the scheme in April. It provides that landlords in an area judged by the council to be affected by unacceptable levels of anti-social behaviour would be required to seek a licence before renting out their property.

Those who failed to tackle anti-social behaviour by their tenants could then lose their licences.

Last week, the Conservative opposition tabled a motion to revoke the licensing scheme.

But debate had to be deferred because a local landlord has lodged a claim for judicial review of it.

An Enfield spokesperson said: “The scheme has been introduced to reduce anti-social behaviour in the borough.

“Enfield council is vigorously defending the judicial review. It would be prejudicial to disclose the details of the council’s defence at this stage.” 

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