Law Society attacks 'piecemeal' reforms to employment tribunals

The Law Society has resumed its attack on the Government’s handling of employment tribunal reform, arguing that diluting the role of industry bodies and trade unions in resolving workplace disputes is mistaken.

It last month criticised the Government for claiming that imposing fees for taking cases to employment tribunals has helped large numbers of workplace disputes to be settled.

Law Society president Robert Bourns said in response to further government decisions on the tribunals: “The piecemeal approach that is being taken to employment tribunal reform risks creating new difficulties and exacerbating existing ones.

“We are extremely disappointed that the Government has failed to listen to the advice of employers, employees and legal experts in its conclusions following the consultation.”

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Bourns said Chancery Lane’s main concern was that representative bodies for employers and employee had been sidelined from employment tribunals without proper consultation.

This might reduce costs but he warned it would "greatly diminish the breadth of experience that contributes to just and sustainable resolutions”.

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