Campaigners to crowd fund judicial review of partial hospital closure

A crowdfunding campaign to judicially review a partial hospital closure in Devon has won backing from Honition Town Council.

The council has objected to New Devon Clinical Commissioning Group’s decision to close medical beds at Honiton Community Hospital and will back the campaign, though not financially.

Opponents seek to raise £20,500 for the case and have so far secured £1,145.

A statement on the crowdfunding web page said: “This decision followed from a flawed consultation process based on the document Your Future Care in which Honiton Hospital was not one of the options.

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“In addition [the] CCG are unable to explain how they will implement their proposed new model of care in the community, the costs that will accrue nor how they will safeguard the sick and vulnerable.

“Local residents, councillors and League of Friends amongst others wish to apply for a judicial review.”

The CCG said more care and support would be provided at home and in the community for elderly and frail people, resulting in reduced demand for hospital inpatient beds with numbers falling from 143 to 72.

These would be provided at Sidmouth, Exmouth and Tiverton community hospitals, while those at Seaton, Exeter (Whipton), Okehampton and Honiton would close.

It said the changes would affect about 20 patients a week across the area.

CCG chair Tim Burke said: “We know we can do more to prevent unnecessary hospital admissions and support a faster return home for our patients. Too many people are in hospitals when they don’t need to be there.”

Mark Smulian