b'Local Government Lawyer 17Covid-19: The impact on wellbeing of working from homeLawcares Elizabeth Rimmer provides some tips for employees and employers on how to mitigate the downsides of remote working.We have now been living and working in a completely different way for 6 months and according to new data from the Local Government Lawyer/LexisNexis Life after Lockdown survey, 89% of staff time now spend some or all of their time working from home compared with 29% pre-Covid.Over the past six months we have had around 160 legal professionals contact us for support with issues to do with Covid-19, which makes up around 30% of all our contacts, and some common themes have emerged.Many legal professionals enjoy working at homethe opportunity to work flexibly, no commute, a bit of distance from difficult colleagues or boss and saving money on travel and childcare has contributed to an improvement in their wellbeing. Others find it isolating, and miss the office environment, have struggled to carve out a quiet space or a time to work, and find the lack of clear management or supervision difficult.For some lawyers spending more time at home has been very challenging, especially when there are relationship or other problems'