b'Local Government Lawyer 194.Disable notifications. Avoid constantly checking your emails, whats apps and news feeds. Its very easy to get distracted and sometimes too much information will trigger feelings of worry. Turn off alerts and check them every few hours so you can stay focused.5.Take breaks. Take regular breaks, including a lunch break, just as you would if you were at the office. If practical try and get out for a walk every day. 6.Prioritise self care. Its easy to let healthy habits slip when we are at home but make sure you eat well, get to bed at a reasonable time and find time to do some exercise. 7.Take a sick day if youre ill. It can be harder to call in sick if you are at home anyway, and many of us will be tempted to do a few hours work even if we are unwell. If you are ill, you really should rest; follow any medical advice and not work to protect your future health.8.Be mindful. Mindfulness is about being in the present moment. None of us know what the future holds so try and focus on the here and now rather than the bigger picture. 9.Seek support. Were all in the same boat, but these difficult, uncertain times will affect some of us more than others.If youre finding it hard in your pyjamas all day or sit at yourto cope, just talking to someone, a laptop at 10pm its important to getfriend, LawCare, or another helpline dressed and try and stick to a regularcan make you feel less worried and routine and your usual workingmany GPs are still offering online pattern, where possible. This willappointments. If you have an existing help you stay focused and keep workmental health condition you should separate from home life.continue with any treatment plan as 2.Avoid technology fatigue. Most of usfar as possible.have spent the last few months glued to a laptop screen and smartphone.Elizabeth Rimmer is chief executive of Our normal working day would havelegal mental health and well-being charity natural breaks away from screensLawCare.but working from home and doing everything online has been muchIf you are finding things difficult and need to more intense.Too much time ontalk, LawCare can help. We provide emotional screens can distract us and affectsupport to all legal professionals, support our sleep so try to use technologystaff and their families. We are listening to mindfully. and signposting everyone who contacts us, 3.Reach out. Keep in regular contactand many have said that just acknowledging with colleagues, friends and family. Ittheir feelings and opening up to someone has can be isolating working at home andhelped them to process what has been going we all need to feel connected to eachon You can call our confidential helpline on other. Its especially important to look0800279 6888, email us at support@lawcare.out for those who live alone, makeorg.ukor access webchat and our COVD-19 sure you are checking in with people. hub full of resources at www.lawcare.org.uk'