Places for People to set up 10-year dynamic purchasing system for legal services

Places for People – one of the largest property management, development and regeneration providers in the UK – has unveiled plans to set up a ten-year dynamic purchasing system (DPS) for legal services worth between £500,000 and £5m.

The notice comes shortly after the organisation announced plans for a four-year legal services framework.

The DPS and the framework agreement are both divided into the same ten lots. These are:

  • Lot 1 – Property
  • Lot 2 – Development
  • Lot 3 – Corporate & Finance
  • Lot 4 – Employment
  • Lot 5 – Housing Management
  • Lot 6 – General Commercial
  • Lot 7 – Leisure Management
  • Lot 8 – Healthcare
  • Lot 9 – Compliance & Governance
  • Lot 10 – Multi-Facet (can deliver in two or more lots)

A key difference between the notices for the DPS and the framework agreement is the emphasis on the supply of services regionally or nationally.

The notice for the DPS says suppliers must declare which geographic areas they can deliver their services in.

It adds: “It should be noted that this contract expects a degree of regional specialism, and local knowledge and expertise, and therefore being able to service more areas is not necessarily a positive factor.”

By contrast, the notice for the framework agreement says: “It is important that providers must be able to deliver all the scope of services in each of the…. lots they are bidding for on a national basis.”

The DPS is also for ten years, while the framework agreement is expected to run for four.

Places for People has a stock portfolio of more than 148,000 properties (owned or managed) and works with more than 200 local authority partners.

Members of its existing procurement hubs include housing groups and local authorities, collectively managing over 850,000 properties across the UK with more than £10m of works and services commissioned since 2010.

Both the DPS and the framework agreement are to be made available to a wide range of authorities.

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