Housing group in West of England to set up £3.5m legal services panel

A leading housing association in Somerset and the West of England is to set up a legal services panel worth more than £3.5m.

Knightstone Housing Group, which is based in Weston-super-Mare, has divided the contract into eight lots. These lots are:

  1. Land & property transactions;
  2. Housing and property management;
  3. Leasehold and home-ownership management;
  4. Tenancy enforcement;
  5. Procurement and contractual arrangements;
  6. Private finance agreements;
  7. Corporate transactions, including mergers and acquisitions;
  8. Governance, regulation and advice on governing documents.

Knightstone said it did not have a pre-determined quota for the number of firms on the panel, but expected three to five firms to be appointed for each lot.

The contracts are for 48 months, commencing 3 April 2017. The contracts may be extended by up to a further two years by mutual agreement.

The group estimated the value of the contracts to be £3.51m excluding VAT.

Knightstone provides services to more than 23,000 people in 11,000 homes and builds around 300 homes a year.

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