Home Group to set up £4m legal panel for development of 10,000 new houses

Home Group is to set up a £4m framework agreement for the provision of legal support and advice for its development activity.

The social landlord is one of the UK’s largest housing providers, with a turnover of £350m and some 55,000 homes under management. Its head office and legal department are in Newcastle. However, the group operates on a national basis.

Home Group said it had a strategic objective to develop 10,000 new houses over the next five years.

The framework, which will run for four years, would cover the provision of legal advice relating to this development activity.

“This is classed as ‘social and other services’ under the Public Contract Regulations 2015, and so Home Group will be following a procurement procedure of its own devising, loosely mirroring the ‘competitive procedure with negotiation’,” it added.

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