Attorney General selects 35 barristers for £2m+ C Panel

The Attorney General has named 35 barristers to his C Panel of junior counsel undertaking civil and EU work for government departments.

The panel has an estimated value of between £2m and £2.5m. The contract starts on 28 February 2017 and ends on 31 August 2022.

The successful lawyers were:

  • Alistair Richardson, 6KBW College Hill
  • Ben Elliott, Pump Court Tax Chambers
  • Ben Hayhurst, 187 Fleet Street
  • Ben Zurawel, 9 Gough Square
  • Benjamin Gray, Littleton Chambers
  • Benjamin Seifert, Drystone Chambers
  • Brenna Conroy, Hardwicke
  • Charlotte Cooke, 3-4 South Square
  • Clara Benn, 7 King’s Bench Walk
  • Edward Waldegrave, Pump Court Tax Chambers
  • Georgia Hicks, Devereux Chambers
  • Giselle McGowan, 9 Stone Buildings
  • Isabel Petrie, Selborne Chambers
  • Jessica Powers, Five Paper
  • Jonathan Darby, 39 Essex Chambers
  • Joshua Carey, 2 Hare Court
  • Julian Hickey, Temple Tax Chambers
  • Karl Masi, 5 St. Andrew’s Hill
  • Katarina Sydow, Outer Temple Chambers
  • Katherine Hardcastle, 6KBW College Hill
  • Mark Humphreys, Littleton Chambers
  • Michael Armitage, Monckton Chambers
  • Nicholas Macklam, Radcliffe Chambers
  • Patrick Hennessey, 39 Essex Chambers
  • Ravi Mehta, Blackstone Chambers
  • Robert Cohen, 5 Essex Court
  • Robert Talalay, 5 Essex Court
  • Rupert Paines, 11KBW
  • Rupert Cohen, Hardwicke
  • Simon McLoughlin, Selborne Chambers
  • Sophie Beesley, Old Square Chambers
  • Sophie Weber, One Essex Court Chambers
  • Timothy Rivett, Erskine Chambers
  • Victoria Webb, Old Square Chambers
  • Alistair Mills, Landmark Chambers

Members of the C panel were expected to have at least two years’ experience in actual practice.

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