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NHS Shared Business Services set to procure £20m legal services panel

NHS Shared Business Services has revealed its intention to procure a legal services framework agreement worth an estimated £20m.

The organisation said in a prior information notice that the aim of the framework agreement was “to cover the vast legal spectrum and meet the current demand and needs of NHS SBS member Trusts”.

It is intended to ensure as a minimum that the following service elements are incorporated and captured by the procurement process:

  • Advice and assistance on legal matters
  • Drafting/ review of both legal and commercial documents
  • Advising on or engaging in negotiations of contracts and licenses
  • Undertaking legal research or analysis
  • Transaction related work.

The agreement is to be divided into the following lots:

  1. NHS Governance and Public Law
  2. Primary Care Services
  3. Healthcare Law
  4. Mental Health Law
  5. Employment Law
  6. Contract and Commercial Law
  7. Property Law
  8. Construction
  9. IT, Telecommunications and E-Commerce
  10. Corporate Finance and PFI / PPP projects including LIFT Schemes

The framework agreement will replace an existing arrangement that runs until 30 November 2017 and has 22 law firms as suppliers.

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