Landlord looks to appoint single legal services provider to £300k contract

A Scottish social landlord is to appoint a legal services provider to a contract worth an estimated £300,000 over up to five years.

Weslo Housing Management owns 2,300 properties in West Lothian and Bo’ness. It is also the estate manager to more than 3,500 private owners who have acquired their properties through Right to Buy.

It said it expected that service provision would commence in March 2018.

The contract is expected to last for three years to March 2020, with the possibility of a further two single years extensions through to March 2022. The extension of the contract will be at the discretion of Weslo Executive Team.

Weslo said: “The principal requirement is for the provision legal services, to provide regular briefings and prompt updates on any changes to legislation or regulation that may have an impact and to attend quarterly review meetings with key personnel.

“The successful provider should have an extensive knowledge and experience of Scots Law and be expected to give representation in any court hearings and pre meeting as required.”

The contract will awarded on the basis of quality (weighting: 80) and price (weighting: 20).


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