Council to seek legal advice on enforcing agreement with development partner

Birmingham City Council plans to obtain legal advice on the terms of an agreement with a development partner on a major construction project.

The local authority said it would be considering the options available and, if necessary, enforcement of the terms of the agreement.

“The council will therefore require advice and representation with regard to any potential claim/s against other organisations arising from a series of interrelated strategic contracts, including construction contracts,” Birmingham added.

The council said the advice and representation required was made up of two stages.

Stage one is to:

  • Review all relevant material in relation to the claims and the contractual relationship.
  • Provide formal advice on the council's position in respect of the contractual relationship and options for the council, including any potential claim.
  • Issue initial relevant correspondence (potentially to include letters before claim) to relevant organisations on behalf of the council, subject to client approval.

Stage two is to:

  • provide necessary on-going advice, legal support and representation in relation to this matter until resolved, including the possibility for formal litigation representation, if required.

The contract is due to start on 9 July 2018 and run until 8 July 2019.

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