Campaigners to pursue judicial review over permission for 110,000-bird chicken farm

Local campaign group Sustainable Food Knighton (SFK) plans to take Powys County Council to judicial review over its grant of planning permission for a large broiler chicken farm.

The application by a local farmer was decided under planning officer Louise Evans’ delegated powers and was supported by Knighton Town Council.

Her report said the scheme would allow for two broiler rearing units accommodating 110,000 birds in total.

Welsh Ministers were asked to call in the decision but declined to do so.

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They said: “We have concluded the proposal does not conflict with national or local policies relevant to the application.

“It is unlikely to have wide effects beyond the immediate locality and, whilst there has been some opposition to the application, it is local in nature and is not likely to cause substantial controversy beyond the immediate locality. The application does not raise issues of national security, nor does it raise novel planning issues.”

SFK said it was protesting against the proliferation of intensive poultry units across Powys, not just the proposed site in Knighton.

The group has not said on what grounds it would seek judicial review.

Mark Smulian

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