Homes England 'revolutionises' procurement process with launch of new land disposal approach

Homes England has launched what it has called a "first of its kind" Delivery Partner Dynamic Purchasing System, which allows housebuilders to apply to join the agency's list of preferred developers on an ongoing basis, rather than having to wait until the list renews once every four years.

Housebuilders are encouraged to apply as and when they see sites of interest on Homes England's Land Hub, the agency's interactive tool used to advertise sites it is bringing to market.

Local authorities and housing associations can also rely on the DPS as a procurement-compliant solution for finding housebuilders, making it easier for them to build homes on the land they own, Homes England said.

Stephen Kinsella, Chief Land and Development Officer at Homes England, said the dynamic system "marks a significant step forward in the way we work with developers to build homes".

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Mr Kinsella said Homes England has also simplified the application process, making it easier for developers - large and small - to access land they want to build on.

The application process is proportionate and depends on the size of the sites that a developer wishes to bid for, making it more accessible for smaller developers. In addition, during the application process, housebuilders can express interest in the locations and types of sites they want to develop.

Initial applications opened last year. The framework, worth an estimated £20bn, has 66 developers currently appointed to it.

Adam Carey

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