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Welsh council defeats appeal by dog breeder over refusal to renew licence

A Welsh council has successfully defended its decision not to renew a dog breeder’s licence over breaches of conditions identified during unannounced inspections.

Ceredigion County Council had taken the decision under the Animal Welfare (Breeding of Dogs) (Wales) Regulations 2014.

The council said the breaches at the premises run by Rhydian Jones of Waun Lluest, Gorrig, Llandysul included a lack of supervision, enrichment and socialisation given to the dogs. “Breaches also included the unsatisfactory cleaning of premises and the absence of dog breeding records. There was also a failure to make improvements requested of Mr Jones previously.”

Mr Jones appealed, arguing amongst other things that a considerable amount of improvements had been completed. However, he lost this appeal at a hearing before Aberystwyth Magistrates last month (18 November).

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The court concluded that Ceredigion had provided full and clear grounds for not renewing the Dog Breeding Licence, under which Mr Jones was allowed to breed 26 dogs, stating that the council was both reasonable and proportionate in its actions.

Ceredigion said the court had accepted that the establishment was unsatisfactory in many respects whilst acknowledging that significant improvements had been made. It also took into consideration the history of non-compliance at Waun Lluest.

The court dismissed the appeal and order Mr Jones to pay £500 costs.

Alun Williams, the council’s Corporate Lead Officer responsible for Policy and Performance, said: “We are delighted that Magistrates found in our favour. A decision not to renew a licence is not taken lightly and officers and council solicitors had to build a robust case to present to the court

“We will continue to make unannounced inspection visits to all licensed dog breeders in the county, the great majority of which operate well within regulations and the conditions of their licence. We will also pursue those individuals who breed dogs without a licence.”

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