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Council prosecution sees firm and director ordered to pay £40k+ over unlicensed scaffolding

A scaffolding company and its director have been ordered to pay nearly £41,000 after a court found them guilty of having unlicensed scaffolding on a public highway.

Brent Council said J&P Scaffolding Ltd first erected the scaffolding in December 2020 at Empire House on Empire Way, Wembley with the proper license.

In June 2021 however, the license ran out and its director, Mr Jacek Pawlaczyk, 43, failed to renew it despite receiving eight reminders from council officers.

J&P Scaffolding Ltd was found guilty at Willesden Magistrates Court on 23 June 2022 and sentenced to fines, compensation and costs totalling £32,805.50. Mr Pawlaczyk, of Hendon Way, was also fined £8,190 bringing the total costs to £40,995.

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Cllr Krupa Sheth, Brent’s Cabinet Member for Environment, Infrastructure and Climate Action, said: “It is really important all companies get the proper license for anything placed on the public highway. This allows council keyworkers to keep residents safe and to limit any disruption to the public.

“I hope this case and the whopping, yet fair, fine serves as stark reminder that if you don't follow the rules, we will take action.”

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