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Cornerstone on Social Housing Fraud

ASB lawbriefSocial housing fraud is an important and high profile issue. This title provides a thorough overview of this regime and how local authorities can maximise their chances of recovering possession of properties affected by fraud, obtaining 'compensation' and securing a conviction, including techniques for effective evidence gathering.

In response to social housing fraud, the Government introduced the Prevention of Social Housing Fraud Act 2013, which made sub-letting and parting with possession of social lets a specific criminal offence and granted local authorities the power to prosecute those who had acted in such a manner. Not only can offenders be jailed, but they can also be fined and ordered to pay an unlawful profit order, thus opening up a revenue opportunity to cash-strapped social landlords.

Topics covered, include:

  • Possession action in the county court
  • Sub-letting/parting with possession
  • Investigation powers
  • Criminal offences and procedure
  • Civil remedies
  • GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018

For ease of reference, relevant primary and secondary legislation has been included within the appendices, which also includes templates for: Particulars of Claim (county court), Complaint (magistrates' court) Notice to Quit and Notice Seeking Possession. There is also a useful landlord checklist, to ensure nothing has been overlooked during what can be a complex process.

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: Fraud in the Social Housing Sector
Chapter 2: Tenancy Procured by False Statement
Chapter 3: Misuse of Property
Chapter 4: Only or Principal Home/Succession
Chapter 5: Civil Financial Remedies
Chapter 6: Investigation and Evidence
Chapter 7: Criminal Sanctions

Author: Andrew Lane

ISBN: 9781526517005

Cost: £76.50 - £68.85 Save £7.65 (10%) online

Publishers: Bloomsbury Professional

Publication Date: June 2021

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