Local Authority Charging and Trading Powers (LACAT)

LACAT Cover 160
The essential guide for English local authorities seeking to lawfully generate income from their statutory powers.

Cornerstone on Information Law

Cornerstone on Information Law
Cornerstone on Information Law is a one-volume practical guide focused on data protection law, freedom of information and the environmental information regulations. Covering the GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018, the title is up to date with adaptations to UK data protection law in the event of Brexit; while also explaining the law before Brexit, or if it does not occur.

Cornerstone on Anti-Social Behaviour

Cornerstone on ASB
Fully updated and providing analysis of the revised guidance with commentary explaining what the changes are and what they mean for those working in this area, the second edition of Cornerstone on Anti-social Behaviour remains the first port of call for every one working in the area of, and carrying out ASB work.

Housing Regeneration: A Plan for Implementation

A useful practical guide for anyone involved in the process of regeneration.

Information Rights

Information Law Cornerstone
A Practitioner's Guide to Data Protection, Freedom of Information and other Information Rights.

Pease, Chitty and Cousins: Law of Markets and Fairs

Law of Markets
Containing in-depth commentary and analysis on the history of market and fair rights together with current developments in the law relating to franchise and statutory markets in the UK, this is the leading authority covering this complex area of law in the UK.
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