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SAS Operation Galia

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Bravery behind enemy lines in the Second World War.

Including additional original photographs and a roll call of the Galia Squad.

Cost: £12.50 inc p&p. Includes £1 donation to Ukraine relief charities.

Two days after Christmas 1944, during the harshest winter in living memory, 33 SAS troops parachuted into the valley of Rossano, Northern Italy. Carried out in broad daylight, the parachute drop was intended to deceive observing enemy forces into believing that a full parachute brigade of 400 men had landed behind them. Drawing on post-op reports and memoirs, this book is a fictionalised account written from the perspective of one of the rank and file parachutes who took part in the operation: the author's father.

Scrupulously researched and richly illustrated, Hann's personal narrative brings to life the coordinated attempts of the SAS and local partisans to engage and evade the enemy. For the first time, Hann provides a detailed account of some of the devastating setbacks and triumphs of Operation Galia: one of the hardest fought and most successful operations of the Second World War.

"I could not put it down"
Colonel Bob Stewart

"An accurate portrayal of this remarkable action"
Robert Mitchell, Britain at War

"This is an important addition to the SAS story"
General, The Lord Guthrie of Craiglebank, GCB, LBO, OBE

Cost: £12.50 inc p&p. Includes £1 donation to Ukraine relief charities.

Author: Robert Hann

Winner of the Impress Prize for New Writers

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