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Further education purchasing body to set up £49m legal services framework

A purchasing consortium owned and run by the further education sector is to procure its latest legal services framework worth an estimated £49m.

Crescent Purchasing said the framework would be divided into seven lots:

  1. National one-stop shop.
  2. Human Resources, Pensions and People.
  3. Academy Conversion and Post Conversion Services.
  4. Property.
  5. Commercial - Contracts, Procurement, Governance and Related Matters.
  6. Dispute Resolution and Litigation Services.
  7. Legal Services for Education.

There will be a maximum of eight suppliers awarded a place on each of the seven Lots.

The time limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate is 12 pm on 23 March 2022.

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The framework is expected to last 48 months from the commencement date, with 36 initial months and option to extend by 1 x 12 months.

The framework is being established to meet the needs of current and future Crescent Purchasing Consortium Members. It is also open for use by all contracting authorities across the UK public sector (and any future successors to those organisations).

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