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Lawyers in Local Government elects top team with Hynes as first president

The senior management team for Lawyers in Local Government (LLG) was confirmed at the Solicitors in Local Government Weekend School at the University of Warwick.

The new organisation represents the combination of Solicitors in Local Government and the Association of Council Secretaries and Solicitors.

At a general meeting of the new company, Mark Hynes, Director of Legal and Democratic Services, was elected as the first president of LLG, while Philip Thomson, County Solicitor for Essex, was named Vice President.

Other appointments were:

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  • Bev Cullen of Lancashire County Council: former past President
  • Phil McCourt of Milton Keynes Council: former past President
  • Nigel Snape of Hereford and Worcester Fire & Rescue Service: Treasurer
  • Nick Dobson of Pannone: Communications Officer.

Tributes were paid to the work of Cullen and McCourt whose terms leading the SLG and ACSeS respectively were extended ahead of the merger of the two bodies.

Meanwhile, the Law Society Council decided this week – by 55% to 45% – that former recognised groups such as the SLG and the Commerce & Industry Group should retain their ability to nominate council members.

Chancery Lane's management board had called for these roles to be filled via its new in-house division.

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