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Head of Government Legal Department stands down amid reports of unhappiness at re-writing of Withdrawal Agreement

The Treasury Solicitor and Permanent Secretary of the Government Legal Department, Sir Jonathan Jones, has resigned.

News of Mr Jones’ resignation was broken by the Financial Times, which suggested that he was unhappy over government plans to overwrite, through the UK internal market bill, parts of the EU Withdrawal Agreement in relation to Northern Ireland.

The report also suggested “months of tension” with Attorney-General Suella Braverman.

Mr Jones, an honorary QC, confirmed on Twitter that he was standing down, but declined to give reasons for the move.

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He said: “I have had a wonderful career spanning 30+ years and more than 7 in this post. Thank you to my brilliant dedicated colleagues.”

The Attorney General said: "Sir Jonathan Jones has provided a wealth of knowledge and legal advice to the Government during his time, including steering the complexities of leaving the EU and more recently, responding tot he challenge of COVID-19.

"It has been a pleasure to work with him and I wish him the very best for the future."

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