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Public sector legal recruitment still reeling, but childcare shortage set to remain says recruiter

Legal recruitment in the public sector is set to remain subdued next year, but shortages in key areas such as childcare are set to remain, recruitment consultancy Badenoch and Clark has said.

However, the consultancy said that the second half of next year should see some stability return to public sector recruitment, once the effects of the budget cuts had been absorbed into organisations' budgetary planning.

“We anticipate that hiring in 2011 will be better than in the latter half of 2010 because there is more clarity over budgets and hiring managers are better able to present a business case,” said Lynne Hardman, managing director of professional services at Badenoch and Clark.

In the meantime, she added. there will likely be some pockets of growth in the public sector, such as regulatory organisations.

By contrast, recruitment by private sector law firms – especially those in commercial fields – is set to improve next year, as is that by in-house legal departments in commercial firms. However, the firm suggested that public sector candidates would need to compete hard if they want to take advantage.

“The outlook for the public sector remains uncertain, and candidates will have to re-evaluate their skill set if they opt to make the transition to the private sector,” Hardman said.

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