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Cabinet Office awards Burges Salmon £9.8m contract for legal services for Covid-19 Public Inquiry

The Cabinet Office has appointed law firm Burges Salmon to a £9.8m contract to provide legal services for the Public Inquiry into Covid-19.

The call-off contract started on 1 May 2022 and expires on 31 October 2024.

The CCS, which ran the procurement, said the Cabinet Office had reserved the option to extend the call-off contract in one year increments, for a further two years.

The total contract inclusive of extensions will end on 30 October 2026. The total contract value of £9.8m includes all extension options.

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The procurement activity was a Call Off under Commercial Agreement RM6179, Legal Services Panel, Lot 1, General Advice and Services.

Established under the Inquiries Act 2005 the UK Covid-19 Inquiry has been set up to examine the UK’s preparedness and response to the Covid-19 pandemic, and to learn lessons for the future. It is chaired by former Court of Appeal judge Baroness Hallett.

The Inquiry consulted on its draft Terms of Reference until 7 April 2022.

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