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Procurement for Housing names three law firms to panels in Scotland

Purchasing consortium Procurement for Housing (PfH) has named three law firms to legal services panels for Scotland worth up to £12m.

The chosen firms were:

  • Lot 1 – Property: TC Young Solicitors; Thorntons Law;
  • Lot 2 – Development: TC Young Solicitors; Thorntons Law;
  • Lot 3 – Corporate & Finance: TC Young Solicitors; Thorntons Law;
  • Lot 4 – Employment: Simpson and Marwick; TC Young Solicitors;
  • Lot 5 – Housing Management: TC Young Solicitors; Thorntons Law.

PfH said the purpose of the framework agreement was “to provide a broad range of Legal Services for members of PfH in Scotland who require legal advice or guidance on any aspect of their businesses within social housing”.

According to PfH, the lowest offer was £250,000 and the highest offer was £12m (excluding VAT).

“The estimated total lot values…. represent the potential spend ranges,” it said. “As no historical data was available, the values provided have been estimated and may change over the length of the contract.”

The contract was awarded on the basis of the most economically advantageous tender in terms of quality (weighting 60) and price (weighting 40).

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