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Attorney General names 30 barristers to London C Panel

Thirty barristers have been appointed to the Attorney General’s London C Panel following a recruitment exercise in 2015.

The panel is worth an estimated £2m over five years.

The successful barristers were:

  • Charles Bradley, Pump Court Tax Chambers;
  • Catherine Brown, Furnival Chambers;
  • Maxim Cardew, Maitland Chambers;
  • Alice Carse, Devereux Chambers;
  • Edward Craven, Matrix Chambers;
  • Shuvra Deb, 9 Stone Buildings;
  • Catherine Dobson, 39 Essex Chambers;
  • Emma Dring, Cornerstone Barristers;
  • Michael Edwards, 4 Paper Buildings;
  • Thomas Gibson, Outer Temple Chambers;
  • Leon Glenister, Landmark Chambers;
  • Myles Grandison, Drystone Chambers;
  • Rose Grogan, 39 Essex Chambers;
  • Nicholas Hill, Outer Temple Chambers;
  • Victoria Hutton, 39 Essex Chambers;
  • Saara Idelbi, 7 Bedford Row;
  • Edward Jones, 4 Pump Court;
  • Anna Lintner, Ely Place Chambers;
  • George Mackenzie, Francis Taylor Building;
  • Lucy McCormick, Henderson Chambers;
  • Christopher Milsom, Cloisters Chambers;
  • Emily Neill, Blackstone Chambers;
  • Adam Payter, 6 Kings Bench Walk;
  • Jason Pobjoy, Blackstone Chambers;
  • Sebastian Purnell, Devereux Chambers;
  • Tom Rainbury, 9 Gough Square;
  • Heather Sargent, Landmark Chambers;
  • Ben Silverstone, Matrix Chambers;
  • Daniel Stedman Jones, 39 Essex Chambers;
  • Emily Wilsdon; Temple Garden Chambers.

The appointments are for a five-year period and will commence on 29 February 2016.

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