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Organising committee for 2022 Commonwealth Games to appoint legal services provider

The Organising Committee for the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham is to appoint an official legal services provider to a contract worth an estimated £2m.

The outcome of the procurement exercise will be a services contract with the committee and CGF Partnerships Ltd for legal services and a sponsorship agreement with CGFP for commercial rights.

The areas of law that are required to support the organising committee include but are not limited to:

  • regulatory and legislative advice
  • litigation advice (preparation of court documentation and attendance and representation at court on behalf of Birmingham 2022) and alternative forms of dispute
  • general commercial advice
  • commercial property advice
  • employment law and pensions
  • general corporate advice
  • sponsorship and commercial rights acquisitions
  • IPR trade marking and brand protection
  • broadcasting
  • ticketing and licensing
  • ceremony production
  • planning advice regarding venue use
  • overlay construction.

The contract is expected to last 48 months. There is an option to extend for 12 months.

The three to five applicants achieving the highest weighted scores (resulting from application of the criteria within the pre-qualification evaluation) will be invited to tender (or up to six if there is a tie between the 5th and 6th ranked scores).

The committee then envisages that negotiation would take place in successive stages to reduce the number of bidders, by applying the award criteria stated in the procurement documents, ideally to no more than three, with whom it will conclude final negotiations.

The organising committee and CGFP have reserved the right to award the contract and sponsorship agreement on the tenders without conducting negotiations.

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