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NHS purchasing body eyes panel of alternative legal service providers

A group purchasing organisation for NHS bodies has given notice of its plans to set up a framework agreement for ‘alternative legal service providers’.

HealthTrust Europe LLP said: “There are different types of alternative legal service providers, focusing on high volume process orientated work, can range from entry level document review to highly skilled and experienced specialists.”

A maximum of five suppliers are to be invited to a supplier day  thatwill consist of a 1-hour time slot with engagement with the end user and HealthTrust Europe. The participants will be chosen at random by HealthTrust Europe.

The framework agreement, which is expected to be awarded for a maximum term of four years, will be open to any bodies or organisations operating in the UK of a health, and/or social care nature or which have a similar procurement need and or any UK based central government authority (as listed at Annex I of Directive 2014/24/EU).

HealthTrust Europe will be carrying out the tender by virtue of its appointment as an agent of University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust.

In October 2018 HealthTrust Europe issued a notice outlining its plans for supplier engagement ahead of renewal of its legal services agreement.

In 2015 three local authority legal teams – Kent Legal Services (now alternative business structure Invicta Law), Staffordshire Legal Services and nplaw – secured places on HTE’s legal services panels, which had an estimated value of £30-90m.

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