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One size does not fit all

Geoff Wild New 146x219Offering a one-size-fits-all approach will inevitably undermine the relationships we have with our clients, writes Geoff Wild.

When client relationships are being established, the important objectives are to be timely, relevant and helpful. Invention is great, but until the relationship is established how can any of us be sure invention is needed, wanted or relevant?

Sometimes we're better off simply meeting our client's expectations rather than always looking to exceed them. Clever solutions can be misunderstood as an attempt to raise the level of fees or to show off - and neither is an endearing trait.

Later in the relationship when needs are fully understood and some room for manoeuvre is available, invention may demonstrate added value and commitment - if that is what the client wants.

What is absolutely key therefore is to appreciate how the client wants their affairs to be managed. To offer a house style approach where one size fits all is to risk sending a signal that says we are more important than the client.

Geoff Wild is chief executive of Invicta Law.

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