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Lawyers in Local Government launches mentoring scheme for members

Lawyers in Local Government (LLG) has launched a mentoring scheme for its members, to help them progress professionally and personally.

In a guidance note (to appear on the Lawyers in Local Government website shortly), the organisation said: “From time to time, we all find ourselves faced with difficult decisions to make and often in need of some guidance from someone who has trodden the same path. Perhaps we are considering a change of specialism or a move to a different role, have recently taken on management responsibility or are thinking about becoming a deputy monitoring officer.

“These are just some examples, but whether we are paralegals, trainees, principal solicitors, team managers or monitoring officers, when going through a time of change, we could all benefit from the experience of others.”

LLG added that the scheme would “draw on the vast and varied experience of colleagues across the country” and that participants – whether receiving or providing the mentoring – would be able to develop their professional network and learn something new.

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The guidance note added: “There is a wealth of experience amongst our members, including those who have worked in local government their entire career (but perhaps not always as a lawyer) and those who have worked in both public and private legal practice.

“These many and varied experiences could be put to excellent use in supporting junior professionals in making key decisions at the outset of their career, as well as assisting our more experienced members considering opportunities for promotion or exploring new areas of law. Informed choices should lead individuals to feel happier and more fulfilled in their careers, which helps contribute to the retention of quality lawyers in local government.”

The guidance covers:

  • Who the mentoring scheme is for;
  • What mentoring is;
  • Confidentiality;
  • How you can take part;
  • What mentors need to think about;
  • What mentees need to think about.

The scheme was launched by LLG at the recent Weekend School in Exeter. This also saw Bev Cullen, Assistant County Solicitor (Litigation & Employment) at Lancashire County Council, elected president of the organisation.

Doreen Forrester-Brown of the London Borough of Southwark and Phillip Horsfield of Broxtowe Borough Council were elected vice president and deputy vice president respectively.

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