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New combined qualifying test for Deputy District Judge and Fee-Paid Judge of the First-tier and Employment Tribunals

The Judicial Appointments Commission (JAC) is to run a single combined qualifying test (CQT) in June 2020 as the first stage of three large selection exercises for fee-paid judges.

This will cover:

  • Deputy District Judge
  • Fee-paid Judge of the First Tier Tribunal
  • Fee-paid Judge of the Employment Tribunal

The JAC said that in a change to the process used last year, the CQT will take place before candidates fill in their full application form.

It added that candidates wishing to apply for one or more of these roles, will need to register for the CQT between now and 5 May 2020, and express which role(s) they are interested in applying for. Candidates can apply for all three.

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The JAC stressed that it would not be running another qualifying test for these roles until 2021.

Information can be found on the JAC website here.

The CQT will take place in June 2020 and results from the test will be used to shortlist candidates for the next selection stage of each specific role.

Candidates who successfully complete both the combined and next-stage qualifying tests will then be invited to complete a full application when the role they are applying for opens later this year.

The JAC said that completing one CQT meant candidates get the opportunity to apply for three roles without having to take multiple tests for each.

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