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NHS Litigation Authority names three providers for new mediation service

The NHS Litigation Authority has appointed three providers to a panel set up for its new mediation service.

The Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR), Trust Mediation and Costs Alternative Dispute Resolution (CADR) have been given a contract for an initial period of two years, commencing on 5 December 2016.

When launching the tender in October, the NHSLA estimated the value of the contract to be £160,000.

The NHSLA set up the panel after a pilot. It said the service had been “designed to support injured claimants, their families and healthcare staff in working together towards resolution without the need to go to court!.

It added: “The tender enabled the NHSLA to use its unique buying power on behalf of the NHS to procure the highest quality mediation services for the NHS at the lowest possible cost.”

Helen Vernon, Chief Executive of the NHSLA, said: “Our plans to launch a mediation service have been well received by all those involved in the resolution of incidents resulting in harm.

“Mediation is an excellent forum for dispute resolution and provides injured patients and their families with an opportunity for face-to-face explanations and apologies when things go wrong and reducing the need for unnecessary litigation. We have used mediation to good effect throughout our 20 year history, including in high profile cases and group actions.”

She added that the NHSLA would closely monitor the service to ensure it saw see the positive benefits it believed could result from greater uptake of mediation.


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