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Southwark presses ahead with £18-25m legal panel after soft market testing

The London Borough of Southwark is to press ahead with the procurement of a four-year, £18-25m framework for solicitors services.

The council had previously held a soft market testing exercise for the framework.

Southwark said in its contract notice that it expects to spend £9m over the four years through the arrangements. The remaining spend will come from other participating organisations.

The framework will be made open to: all London local authorities; companies wholly owned by London local authorities; clinical commissioning groups in the London area; the London Fire Brigade; London Councils; and the Local Government Association.

The framework will be divided into the following lots:

  1. Complex matters. (Weighting: 70% for quality and 30% for price).
  2. General matters. (Weighting: 60% for quality and 40% for price).
  3. Routine predictable matters including residential conveyancing and debt recovery. (Weighting: 35% for quality and 65% for price).

The envisaged maximum number of suppliers under the framework is 29.

Southwark said it envisaged the framework agreement starting on 2 July 2018.

Earlier this summer the council revealed that an important element of the proposed framework was the provision of good soft benefits, such as work placements for Southwark residents and students and young people in care, pro bono work, and legal surgeries and advice to community organisations.

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