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County council awards £810k contract for legal case management system

Staffordshire County Council has awarded Civica UK an £810,000 contract to provide a legal case management system.

The local authority had said it required “a configurable, scalable case management system for centralised and standardised handling of cases within Legal Services. The system needs to be hosted. It also needs to be accessible to officers when they are working out of the office without logistical problems.

“It will work for and with staff and to assist them in the completion of their work rather than being perceived as a system that has to be worked with alongside the completion of case work.”

The council had also said that “future proofing, automated functions and Artificial Intelligence are of particular interest as such functions, if aligned to the key needs set out within the specification, will improve the user experience and help to drive efficiencies within the system”.

The contract was awarded on the basis of quality (weighting: 40) and price (weighting: 60). It is for an initial six years with additional options to extend by two three-year periods to to 31st October 2028 and 31st October 2031.

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